Does your Council need Asset Management Support?

Accounting for Assets has never been more important as Auditor General’s reports in many States focus on unaccounted for Assets and in many cases incorrect depreciation calculations.

CT Management Group has over 25 years’ experience in providing accounting support to Councils in reviewing their Asset Management Plans.

Our experience can connect Councils to Data and Services where there may be a lack of resource due to remoteness or other priorities of Councils delivering their operational plans.  

Our Asset Management support, can provide a range of services including:

  • Asset data capture
  • Asset data validation
  • Strategies and policy
  • Ensuring Data integrity within the GIS and AM systems
  • Validate and update GIS linkages to other corporate systems (ie AM, finance and property datasets)
  • Development of additional spatial displays (GIS Layers) of data to underpin strategic decisions

Our services can also work through CT Connect a flexible platform with the following features:

  • a cloud-based service hosted by a reputable and reliable vendor
  • software vendor independent
  • provision of GIS, asset and condition data in various formats to suit the most popular vendor financial and asset management systems
  • secure access by a Council via ‘web’ interface to access various data/services
  • provide Councils with a menu of services/tools that can be purchased as and if required
  • access to a library/knowledge base, benchmarking data etc
  • promotion of shared services for Councils

Our virtual communication systems also allow us to have continual communications via email, website releases or TEAMs meetings with Council staff to implement or support projects.

Our accounting support is overseen by qualified Asset Management Associates with experience across a range of Councils from Regional Rural to Metropolitan.

Should you have any questions, or you wish to receive a formal proposal, please contact Owen Harvey, Executive Director Operations or Jarrod Bryant, Regional Manager NSW/QLD on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

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