Emergency Management

Disaster Recovery

CT Management Group has a long and proven track record with emergency management, covering all aspects of flood and bushfire related projects, strong expertise in emergency and flood risk management and substantial well-regarded practical knowledge of flood preparedness, response and emergency management related matters.

Whether it be a bushfire, flood, drought, blue-green algae bloom or a Municipal Office fire— all emergencies must be managed! 

Our knowledge and expertise is also well-regarded in the Municipal Emergency Management arena.  We have extensive experience in the development of Municipal Emergency Management Plans and auditing of existing Business Continuity Plans.

Our associate emergency management team

Our team of associates are former Local and State Government professionals and comprise of people experienced in natural disaster recovery.

We work closely with NDFA guidelines in ensuring your council entitlements to funding are maximised.


At the commencement of the recovery phase; caring for the community, immediate response works, procurement, contract management, claims management, community well-being and record keeping become of paramount importance.

Critical infrastructure is restored as soon as possible. Long term infrastructure recovery requirements are well planned and delivered in a systematic way.  

Our company has worked extensively to support councils in disaster recovery circumstances since 2009.

Emergency management experience

  • 2016-19 – Colac Otway Shire
  • Bushfire recovery claims and project management.
  • 2016-19 – Southern Grampians Shire
  • Flood recovery, asset management, claims and project management.
  • 2010-2014 – Buloke, Moira, Wangaratta, Hepburn, and Strathbogie Shires
  • Flood recovery in dealing with the communities, managing the restoration of physical infrastructure (coordinating and managing contracts and projects), acquittals to government and the coordination with other state authorities in conjunction with council.
  • 2009 – Murrindindi Shire Council
  • Bushfire recovery in the development of a revised 10 year long term financial plan given the fires impact on the future rateable income of the council.

“We have numerous associates experienced in all aspects of recovery. Many of them are seasoned local government Emergency Management practitioners having worked through the recovery process as council employees or as project management contractors.”

Malcolm McKenzie, Regional Manager Victoria.

Project Management

We project manage many of the recovery projects including halls, roads, bridges and sports/recreation infrastructure replacement.

Business as usual

The engagement of CT Management Group allows council staff to get on with ‘business as usual’ as we manage matters associated with recovery.

Approved Supplier

In order to facilitate appointment, CT Management Group is an approved supplier on a number of Local Government Procurement Panels in QLD, NSW and Victoria:

  • NSW – Contract No. T12.08-3
  • Provision of Consulting Services (Engineering, Planning, Environment, Community and Assets)
  • NSW – Government SCM0005
  • Performance and Management Services
  • QLD – Local Buy Bus 254-1215
  • Project Management Consultancy Service (construction)
  • VIC –
  • Over 20 Local Council Panels are available.

This means that your council can engage CT Management Group confident that all the procurement requirements of the relevant Local Government Acts have been complied with.

Our company expertise is in local government. We understand communities, recovery processes and we have the technical expertise to assist council staff in disaster recovery matters.

For more information on emergency management please contact Malcolm McKenzie on 1300 500 932 or via the form below.

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