Emergency Resources and Expertise Vital to Emergency Management

Alongside expertise, preparedness is a key determinant of council’s ability to manage an emergency and recovery after an event.

CT Management Group has well-regarded practical knowledge of emergency preparedness; risk management; fire management; the development of Municipal Emergency Plans, flood recovery and auditing of existing Council Emergency Plans.

We also have strong expertise in supporting councils in emergency response, management and recovery.

Our Emergency Management Team

CT Management Group’s emergency management team of former Local and State Government Associate professionals are experienced in risk management, emergency preparedness, response and natural disaster recovery.

Recovery— Fire and Flood

Our recovery management skills include imp-act assessment, data collection, project management, supervision and infrastructure restoration. We also have a tailor-made asset management and defect logging system to help manage your industry recovery. We work in accordance with the new DRFA guidelines to ensure your funding council entitlements are maximised.

Engaging our team of emergency professionals ensures your council can get on with ‘business as usual’, or we can integrate with your team to manage the recovery.


We have worked extensively to support councils in disaster recovery since 2009. Most recently, we assisted Colac Otway Shire with bushfire recovery claims and project management. We are also assisting Southern Grampians Shire with flood recovery, asset management, claims and project management.

Approved Supplier

CT Management Group is an approved supplier on many Local Government Procurement Panels in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, facilitating the appointment process.

For more information please contact CT Management Group’s Merv Hair, Malcolm McKenzie or Owen Harvey on 1300 500 932 or contact us below.

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