Flood Recovery Resources

Malcolm McKenzie

National Placements Manager

Flood Recovery Resources

CT Management Group understands the enormity involved in Councils and communities gearing up for recovery after the disastrous flood incidents that have occurred in the eastern states of Australia over the past 6 months.

The weeks following a major emergency is a critical time for councils with the planning for recovery being of the upmost importance. Key considerations include ensuring that: 

  • The community are well informed and supported and that their short to medium term needs are being met. 
  • Impact assessment is undertaken and refined over time to ensure that key recovery requirements are identified.
  • Critical infrastructure is restored as soon as possible (e.g. Roads are made passable under the provision of emergency works, communication networks are re-established); 
  • Long term infrastructure recovery requirements are well planned and then delivered in a systematic way. 

CT Management Group recognise that Councils may not always have the resources available to deliver on their short and long-term recovery requirements. In these circumstances we can assist you in the recovery phase with a team of Associates experienced in emergency recovery

Our history shows that we have provided extensive recovery management support to Councils in managing the restoration of physical infrastructure including the following incidents: 

  • Major Flooding incident- Northeast Victoria – management of $50m infrastructure and services recovery works undertaken.   
  • Black Saturday Bushfires (Victoria) and major flooding recovery projects across Victoria. 
  • Southern Grampians Shire (Vic.) following major flooding recovery which included overseeing the delivery of in excess of $35 million in contract and claims management, infrastructure restoration and funding acquittals over a period of 2 years. 
  • NSW Riverina Floods- management of infrastructure recovery works Edward River and Federation Councils.
  • Victoria, Great Ocean Road, Wye River, major fire, flood and landslip recovery.

Our team of Associates are former Local Government professionals and comprise people experienced in natural disaster recovery management. 

Our recovery management skills include:

  • Impact assessment data collection,  
  • Project management, 
  • Claims management  
  • Supervision and infrastructure restoration.  

We also have a tailor-made asset management and defect logging system to help manage your infrastructure recovery. 

The engagement of CT Management Group can provide the placement of experienced Associates which allows your Council and staff to get on with “business as usual”, with the knowledge that your communities have direct communication, and important project management can begin. 

For further information or a proposal on how we can support your Council through the recovery period please contact Malcolm McKenzie on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

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