IPWEA Queensland State Conference 2021

CT Management Group was pleased to have the opportunity to present a paper at the recent Qld IPWEA Annual Conference in Cairns titled “Sustainable Service and Asset Management”.

CT Management Group’s Service and Asset Planning approach provides a methodology to firstly define the range of services, and secondly analyse service demand, priority and define the community “levels of service”. In addition, we ensure this service mix and underlying is financially sustainable to ensure Council can meet its commitments and promises with respect to services and capital investment.

Following this Council is able to map and manage the assets required to underpin the delivery of the services. upholding these services with appropriate assets with appropriate “technical levels of service”. Accordingly, the Asset Management Plan is aligned to the services it supports as the technical levels of service meet the community expectations.

Also, over the 10-year life of the Asset Management Plan, forecasts in service demand are incorporated. This process establishes, through the prioritisation model, the underlying principles for comparative choice and refines the focus for deliberative community engagement. In addition, the service managers understand the “cost of assets” that have been mapped and allocated to their respective services.

Finally, armed with the requisite information, data and knowledge, Council is in a position to engage the community in the comparative choices available to ensure quality, affordable services going forward.

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