New Local Government Act (2020) Victoria

CT Management Group has undertaken a comprehensive review of the new Local Government Act 2020 and its 391 clauses and has assessed the commitment required of councils in reviewing and developing new plans, procedures as well as the resources to meet the timelines for the implementation of the Act.

Our team of Governance Specialists are qualified and experienced to assist councils implements the key provisions of the Act and provide training and development for your corporate and governance staff.

We recognise the tight compliance deadlines for implementation of the new Act and the strain this can have on internal resources. We are offering our support to your Council in developing and drafting documentation whilst guiding your staff through the necessary steps to achieve the timelines required.

Our expertise includes preparation of new or review of existing:

  • Charters
  • Local laws
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Codes
  • Plans including:
    • Council Plans
    • 10-year Asset Management Plans
    • 10-year Financial Plans
    • Revenue and Rating Plans
    • Workforce Plans

Other Corporate services offered by CT Management Group include:

  • Strategic planning and accountability
  • Procurement frameworks, policy, procedures and systems
  • Organisational development and HR
  • Investigations and mediation
  • Workforce and succession planning
  • Risk Management

For further information or a proposal regarding governance services and resources offered by CT Management Group please contact our Regional Manager Alf Della Monica on Mobile: 0421 585 833 or Email:

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