New Rules – Use of Mobiles in Vehicles (Victoria)

New rules for using phones and other devices while driving have been announced in Victoria, ahead of a full introduction on March 31st.

Under the new rules, drivers will not be able to touch an unmounted phone or other device, even if it is turned off, or resting in their lap. Doing so will risk a $550 fine with a penalty of four demerit points if they’re caught driving distracted. Rules have been expanded to include portable and wearable devices – such as smart watches or smart glasses – and apply to all road vehicles including cars, bikes, motorcycles or electric scooters.

The Victorian Government has advised there will be a three-month advisory period, where drivers captured receive an advisory letter rather than a financial or points penalty. The new laws come into effect at about the same time as new mobile phone and seat belt cameras are being introduced in Victoria.

Three cameras will be initially rolled out – with a total of six planned in coming years – to be used at more than 200 locations across the state from mid-2023.

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