NSW Joint Organisations and CT Management Group

Jarrod Bryant

Regional Manager NSW

NSW boasts a network of 13 joint organisations to strengthen collaboration and engagement between State and local governments and to improve infrastructure and service delivery to regional communities.

Eighty-seven councils in regional NSW are members of the 13 joint organisations, with each Joint organisation comprises member councils, State agencies and other key stakeholders as determined by their respective boards.

The NSW Government has invested $8.2 million in helping to establish joint organisations and strengthen their strategic capability and delivery of regional priorities. Consequentially, NSW Joint organisations have transformed the way the NSW Government and local councils collaborate, plan, set priorities and deliver important projects on a regional scale.

In the coming months CT Management Group will be approaching these key regional bodies to offer tailored services that will directly benefit their member Council’s and address each joint organisations Statement of Strategic Regional Priorities.

It’s no secret that financial sustainability, asset management and service planning and reviews are key priorities for NSW Council’s, and given our experience and track record, we are well placed to provide significant regional outcomes to Joint organisations on a scale that will enhance performance across all member Council’s.  

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