LooYee Ng

LooYee is a versatile professional specialising in Solution Architecture and Data Consultation. With a strong background in Business Process Automation, Quality Assurance, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Science, she brings a unique blend of business acumen and technical skills to her role.

Having worked as a solution and data professional, Loo Yee is adept in designing and implementing effective solutions that offer competitive advantages to businesses. Her expertise lies in understanding complex business requirements and translating them into innovative, scalable, and reliable architectural designs.

LooYee’s cross-cultural communication skills are enriched by her Malaysian Chinese heritage and her fluency in multiple languages. This allows her to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders and understand their specific requirements in order to achieve business goals.

LooYee’s passion for technology extends to emerging fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. She actively seeks opportunities to upgrade her knowledge and apply these cutting-edge technologies.

Beyond her professional pursuits, LooYee finds relaxation and inspiration in activities such as beach walking, cycling and reading.

With a strong foundation in various disciplines, LooYee’s technical expertise and cross-cultural communication abilities, teamed with a passion for technology enable her to design and implement innovative solutions that address complex business needs.


Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate