Sonia Giofches

No day is the same for Sonia in her role as Financial Services Manager at CT Management Group. Making commitment and a good work ethic essential skill to have and qualities Sonia certainly does.

Sonia prides herself on her attention to detail when managing her work at CT Management Group. These include keeping all financial products up to date with current legislation and overseeing the development of the products. In line with product development, Sonia is also responsible for the implementation, training and annual rollout of all financial products. Additionally, Sonia is also the project manager of CT Management Group Service Planning projects across Victoria.

After spending nine years raising her children, Sonia was happy to get back into full time work. Her career highlight to date, was being poached by a competitor accounting firm at the age of 20. Going forward, Sonia would like to continue to cement herself with CT Management Group and has goals to advance her position when the opportunity presents itself.

Having the ability to spend quality time with her family through flexible working arrangements is something Sonia has really appreciated. Whether that is by working from home or being able to attend events or emergencies and make the time up later.

Sonia is an incredibly hard worker and likes to be completely across everything she is involved in. An easy-going people person, Sonia has a very friendly personality and is someone who always makes time to help clients or colleagues when they need her.


Bachelor of Commerce Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)