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Malcolm McKenzie

National Placements Manager

It goes without saying that 2020 was a challenging year for us all. With the threat of COVID-19 and the lock down of state borders along with the physical closure of offices, including most local government offices, CT Management saw a decline in requests for work and Professional Placement resources as clients prioritised what services they would deliver and what could be deferred.

It is a year that I am sure we all want to put behind us and look to the future and the opportunities that it may bring.

With the roll out of economic stimulus funding, along with the reopening of council offices CT Management Group is starting to see an increase in demand for resources on a professional placement basis.

Responding to these requests is not always a simple process as clients may be looking for specific skill sets, or available Associates may not be located near where our clients are based.

Our recently developed Workforce Strategy has highlighted some key strengths of our organisation and our Associate base, along with some challenges.

CT Management Group have a strong resource presence along the east coast of Australia. Unfortunately some of our key resources may reside some distance away from where our clients are located. This means we are reliant on our Associates being prepared to travel to service these areas.

Not all of our clients have the financial resources to pay for travel and accommodation, this means CT Management Group is looking at innovative ways to service clients remotely where possible.

Several placements have been delivered recently by our Associates, either remotely or by being present for short visits to gather relevant data and information to deliver the work required.

CT Management Group’s skills profile in our Workforce Strategy highlights that we have a strong base in the Contract and Project Management area, in particular, qualified engineers, along with resources specialising in Governance, Planning, Finance, Procurement and Asset Management, to name a few.

CT Management Group is constantly recruiting new resources which allows us to provide support covering a wide variety of disciplines and often find resources to cover those roles where the appropriately qualified and skilled resources are hard to find.

Lead times to secure a placement can take some time when requesting resources with specific skill sets or required to be working in some locations.

Early discussion with us regarding possible resourcing, will clarify what is available in the market and ensure that CT Management Group can align available resources to your needs.

Please contact Malcolm McKenzie on 1300 500 932 to discuss, without obligation, what our professional placement market may have to offer or submit your enquiry via the form below.

Malcolm McKenzie
National Placements Manager

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