Regional Update Vic/Tas

Alfonso Della Monica - Regional Manager Vic/Tas

Alfonso Della Monica

Regional Manager Vic/Tas

Associates Collaborate for a Great Result

CT Management Group has been working with the City of Darebin on several asset management projects since the beginning of 2022.

This has included the development of the Asset Plan, NAMAF Assessment, Asset Data Hierarchy Assessment, and the development of individual Asset Management Plans.

Throughout the process, a number of our Associates have collaborated to achieve some great results and are in fact continuing to do so as you read this.

The new Local Government Act 2020 in Victoria for the first time requires each Council to adopt an Asset Plan (s. 92) which includes information on maintenance, renewal, acquisition, expansion, upgrade, disposal and decommissioning in relation to each class of infrastructure asset. All this in accordance with its deliberative engagement practices under its community engagement policy.

The City of Darebin Asset Plan was developed successfully by CT Management Group Associates, whose expertise provided not only a best practice Asset Plan but has left a valuable footprint with the council for future projects. The engagement with the community on what can be a dry subject was also extremely well received. Through the use of a fun and informative video developed by our associates and interactive face-to-face sessions, valuable feedback was received adding value to the final product.

To view the finished product and the video that educated the Darebin community in assets, please click on the following link Darebin Asset Plan 2023-2033 | Your Say Darebin.

Importantly, the trust built between our associates and council staff cannot be underestimated. Darebin City Council continue to use our expertise because of this.

This project would not have kicked the goals it did without the leadership of David Braby and Sumi Prabhakaran along with the support of Emma Ashton and Adam Lehmann.

A great reflection of all our wonderful Associates.

Alfonso Della Monica
Regional Manager VIC/TAS

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