Service Planning and Long Term Financial Planning Products

Why not join the 40 Councils who use CT Management Group’s financial products and the 35 Councils who have experienced our Service Planning methodology?

For over 26 years the CT Management Group has been an experienced provider of consulting and professional services to the Local Government sector nationally.

CT Management Group has established a unique approach to facilitate an integrated approach to Service Planning linked to the Long-Term Financial Plan. 

This methodology builds upon our suite of well-established sector accepted financial products enabling Councils to achieve a sustainable long term view of its operations.

CT Management Group Financial Products

Our suite of financial products are tailored specifically to the needs of Councils nationally. All products are reviewed and updated annually to remain relevant, compliant and maximise strategic decision making.

Financial Ratios Benchmarking – Gain deep insight into your individual Councils 10 year Financial ratio benchmarking performance and meaningful comparative data against peer councils \ groups via the CT Management Local Government Dataset.

Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) – Long-term Victorian council financial modeller (up to 20 years) suitable for use with any accounting platform. Inclusive of VAGO indicators, LGPRF Financial Ratios and model budget outputs. Full integration with CWE Product.

Capital Works Evaluator (CWE) – Assists Councils prepare a 40 year Capital Works Program and includes fully calculated and escalated whole of life costs.

Please contact us to discuss these products, how they can assist your Council and request a free demonstration.

CT Management Group Service Planning

Supported by our suite of products and decades of sector experience, CT Management Group supports councils challenged with questions such as:

Are services provided by Council aligned to the strategic direction?  
For Service X, what is the right level of service to provide to the community?
Can Council afford to maintain current services levels moving forward?

Our Service Planning process provides a strategic approach to review:

  • the range of services your Council provides (alignment)
  • define the levels of service provided (level)
  • and establish the cost of providing these services (cost)

Our independently facilitated process (other service approaches available) is proven to deliver timely, objective and powerful insights for the universal dilemma of mounting pressures upon councils limited resources whilst community service expectations increase unchecked.

Service Planning once completed equips councils with a purposeful framework towards deep-diving (service reviews) and broader input sought (community engagement) as councils seeks to remain financially sustainable and continue to provide key services and infrastructure to the communities they serve.

Service Planning outcomes include:

  • Qualitative data via detailed reports (service plans);
  • Financial Sustainability insights (long term financial scenarios); and
  • Independent and impactful service planning recommendations & next-steps.

To discuss the potential of Service Planning the steps towards improved service visibility, please contact Simon Walsh on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

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