Service Planning and Service Reviews

At CT Management we specialise in Service Planning and Service Reviews.

We can offer organisations a formalised and systematic approach to reviewing the services they provide to:

  • ensure client and customer satisfaction.
  • better understand cost of service
  • adopt a continuous improvement approach to service delivery.

CT Management Group has developed a purpose-built Local Government orientated process and the tools to enable effective Service Planning Framework implementation for Councils.

This has come with the experience of evolving with the sector in this field, working directly with over 40 Councils nationwide.

Our unique approach delivers;

  • A Council service catalogue and Strategic Service Profile per service.
  • An evidence-based service assessment enabling prioritisation of services for service review based on relative importance and impact in delivering to your organisations corporate plan.
  • Service level 10-year financial projections based on future service demand.

Service Financial forecasts integrate with CT Management Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) product to enable strategic financial consideration for Councils ability to maintain service levels and assess relative need for service level intervention and investment requirements.

Our prioritised Service Review methodology via Service assessment can then be delivered with our 30-step detailed analytical approach to Service Reviews, identifying savings and efficiencies whilst undertaking a detailed review of all facets of Service provision.

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