Service Planning Framework

Our Service Planning Framework facilitates a review of the range of services council provides. 

We seek to understand the service priorities and how these relate to the council’s strategic direction and priorities.

What is the sustainability of the service mix over the life of council’s long term financial plan? Is the mix sustainable?

Service Planning will ensure alignment between the strategic objectives of the organisation and the service deliverables and costs.

“Service Planning provides the transparency around comparative choices between continuation of the range of services or adjustments to the levels of service necessary for council to remain financially viable and providing relevant and priority services to the community.”

Said Executive Director Owen Harvey.

Our Service Planning Framework can assist councils with support in setting a rating framework that is acceptable to the community. Understanding the key issues and decisions required to maintain or improve service sustainability is essential.

Service Plans provide a clear point of reference to manage and monitor progress towards the achievement of strategic outcomes as well as forming the basis of reporting to the community.

In summary, our Service Planning process will develop a plan that:

  • Determines what range of services meet community needs.
  • Determines what level of service is currently provided.
  • Ensures value for money is achieved in the services delivered.
  • Ensures agreed services are affordable over a 10 year financial planning timeframe.
  • Ensures service delivery is sustainable into the long term.
  • Ensures your Service Plan aligns with your service strategy.
  • Assists in engaging your community.
  • Assists in realigning priorities.

In the service planning process, our Service Cost Evaluation Model (SCEM) will not only identify the net cost of council services but will also provide information council needs to consult with the community around comparative choices between services, levels of service and overall priorities.

CT Management Group can assist your council in establishing a Service Planning Framework that will allow you to review the sustainability of continuing to deliver current service levels and identify priority areas for further review, if current services or service levels are unsustainable.

We have qualified associates that can provide assistance in achieving your Service Planning and Service Review objectives. Our financial management credentials can be demonstrated through the financial sustainability assessments we have undertaken with many councils nationally.

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