Service Planning & Review Frameworks

Simon Walsh

Manager Financial Services

Service Planning & Review Frameworks

CT Management Group has for over 5 years been working with Councils in the emerging space of Service Planning and has led 30+ Service Planning engagements.

This has been timely given the legislative obligations in all jurisdictions now focusing on services.

Over the past 6 months, CT Management has re-visited the extensive learnings, tools and processes taken in these all-unique Service Planning inception efforts to develop a new product.

The Service Planning Platform to be launched in autumn 2023 is the culmination of an external facilitation tool being enhanced for client use and encompasses:

  • Establishing a database of annually updated and evolving Service Profiles that provide varying audiences suitable whole-of-council visibility.
  • Enabling Service Demand driven Service Profile 10-year forecasts which can be aggregated and via CT Management LTFP product provide long term financial scenarios.
  • A weighted-score Service Assessment process to allow Service Review prioritisation to fulfil and systemise Councils requirements (including legislated) for continuous improvement. This process also assists Councils in designing comparative choice options between services and facilitates deliberative community engagement across the services portfolio.

Further enquiries about the Service Planning Platform and/or a demonstration of capability please contact Simon Walsh on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

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