Asset Management Plans

Alfonso Della Monica - Regional Manager Vic/Tas

Alfonso Della Monica

Regional Manager Vic/Tas

CT Management Group offers a comprehensive range of Asset Management products and services that are designed for Local Government to develop or review Asset Management Plans.


CT Management Group have been offering Asset Management Services for over 27 years and understand the complexities of managing billions of dollars of infrastructure assets, from roads and bridges to buildings and park infrastructure.

We continually update our products and services to support councils in meeting their asset management requirements.

It is important that you now begin to update your individual Asset Management Plans to inform the next Asset Plan that is due to be reviewed in 2024/25.

Good Asset Management and Service Planning are essential components of any sustainability review. Good condition data, together with identified maintenance and renewals requirements across asset classes are part of the foundations for improved long-term planning of assets.

The other input into this process is an understanding of the levels and cost of services Council provides to the community and whether the present service delivery is sustainable. This in turn will guide decisions on assets used in the delivery of the relevant service.

CT Management can assist with the updating of your Asset Management Plans which will then link to your revised Asset Plan and inform your Long-Term Financial Plan.

In developing new or updating current Asset Management Plans, CT Management Group recognises the provisions of the ISO 55000 Asset Management system which provides a good reference on the expectations and benefits to be realised from good asset management.  

CT Management Group can also assist with Condition Assessments and Valuations, renewal demand, establishing levels of service across asset classes, to further assist the development of the Asset Management Plan.

Modelling will demonstrate that replacing existing and ageing assets is an increasingly expensive process and needs to be managed having regard to business objectives, including service delivery targets. Asset Management through funded renewal investment and sound Asset Management Planning, is the cornerstone of sustainable service delivery. 

Our Asset Renewal Demand Calculator calculates demand with capability to develop degradation curves and alternatives scenarios. 


AMCap is another AM program that Councils can take advantage of. AMCap is a program built upon the integration of asset management, financial planning and service planning. Our objective here is to establish a standardised sector-wide asset management competency program in each state.

CT Management Group have skilled and experienced Associates who can assist Councils to: 

  • Review Policy and Strategy
  • Review the currency of your existing Asset Management Plans.  
  • Undertake asset data integrity audits
  • Review life cycle asset management and renewal gap forecasting 
  • Following review ensure that current plans link to long term financial forecasts.

For more information on what we can provide and our extensive project work to date with Councils throughout Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania please contact Alf Della Monica on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

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