Asset Management Plans

Our Asset Management Plans are the best place to capture and document corporate knowledge about assets and, importantly, service delivery. They aim to improve overall management through documenting standards and optimum operational performance. AMP’s deal with future demand, risk management and life-cycle management including renewal, maintenance and replacement/disposal strategies.

CT Management has delivered capacity building programs since 2002 to improve asset management in Local Government and have a clear record of achievement. Our program supports service delivery and provides integrity into the Long Term Financial Plan through calculation of Council’s renewal gap and associated improvement programs directly linked to service needs. We are now active nationally in Victoria and Queensland with programs sponsored in those two states by the Federal Local Government Reform Fund.

The National Asset Management Framework provides a methodology whereby each Council, or for that matter any organisation, can self assess their asset management capability status and monitor their own performance (improvement) over time. The understanding and influence of Asset Management linked to service levels clearly defined within each Local Government authority (and now Parks Victoria) grows progressively as resources, skills, knowledge, processes and systems develop.

Each Council begins its Asset Management journey at a very basic level and steadily improves as resources are allocated and skills and knowledge develop. The model draws its key Asset Management criteria from the various state wide asset management improvement programs, IPWEA’s International Infrastructure Management Manual an other industry guidelines and captures all key elements of the Federal Government’s Enhanced Asset Management Framework.

The focus of the National AM Framework model has been built around nine (9) key criteria for asset management. These criteria fit into the Federal Governments Asset Management and Financial Management Guidelines which then allow ready comparison to other similar organisations.

  • Asset Management Policy
  • Asset Management Improvement Strategy
  • Governance & Management
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Annual and Long Term Financial Planning
  • Organisational Capacity
  • Operational and Asset Management Processes – Data & Systems
  • Community Engagement
  • Levels of Service

By undertaking the evaluation over a period of time, each Council or organisation can map out their progress towards achieving “Enhanced Asset Management”. This will allow each organisation to measure its improvement. Being a numerical based assessment framework, it allows benchmarking between Councils, regions, within states and across Australia.

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