Develop a Procurement Plan to help deliver the services your community needs – sustainability.

Meeting the policy and operational requirements of procurement improves compliance, value for money and transparency at council as well as protecting council’s reputation.

Councils are bound by their statutory procurement objectives to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively to best meet the needs of the local community and to improve the overall quality of life of people in the local community.

Each year councils procure goods and services in a wide variety of expenditure areas.

Council’s have an obligation under the Legislation to ensure that procurement is governed by a set of best practice principles including:

  • Value for money
  • Open and fair competition
  • Accountability
  • Risk Management
  • Probity and Transparency

Key to a council’s procurement process is to have in place clear policies and guidelines that are understood by all employees and potentially contractors engaged in the procurement process.

CT Management Group has associates experienced in reviewing or establishing council procurement structures.

Key elements of any review will include the existence of appropriate documentation, probity audits, compliance reports, systems in place, roles and responsibilities of the procurement team, delegations, capability of the procurement team and training programs in place to ensure continuity of service levels and implementation.

Good procurement planning includes managing risk. Risk management advice can be provided as part of our service to your council.

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